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Wood has been and continues to be one of the best and most used materials for kitchen wooden worktops. Characteristics such as its beauty and its natural anti-bacterial properties make it a go-to material when designing a kitchen. Wooden worktops not only give an elegant look to your kitchen but they also add a homely touch due to their typical warm colours and warm natural tones. There are also plenty of timber types to choose from: oak, walnut, ash, beech, and others. Hardwoods, as the kinds just mentioned, are preferable to softwoods such as pine.  

Wood is also a strong material that can withstand a big amount of weight and tolerate a lot of pressure and use vs. other materials that can crack and break easier. Another characteristic of wood that is not that commonly known is that it absorbs the sound and shock when you put things on top of it. Other materials such as granite and marble will make sound and create a shock when you put certain objects such as those made of glass and ceramic. This kind of shock puts pressure on the objects and they can break easier than when you lay them on wood.

Of course, kitchen wooden worktops have some negatives such as water damage or surface damage like when you chop something without using a chopping board. The good news is that wood worktops are easy to repair, so any knife marks, dents, imperfections, and any other kind of damage, can be more easily fixed than with other worktop materials.

If your kitchen worktops have any sort of damage such as scratches or stains, or just look old, there is no need to replace them. We can restore them to their glory and leave them brand new with our top sanding skills and tools.



Can You Sand Wooden Worktops?

The answer to this question is simple: Yes. In fact, sanding a wooden worktop creates a pristine and smooth surface and leaves it ready for other treatments such as varnishing or oiling.

Kitchen worktops can be sanded either hand or using an orbital sander, and both are methods in which our team is fully trained and highly skilled. Orbital sanders are better used as a starting point and then to continue sanding by hand. We do not recommend using belt sanders for sanding wooden worktops as it is very hard to obtain an even finish with this kind of tool. 

Your kitchen worktops will be sanded to be completely smooth and once this is achieved, we will wipe the area with a slightly damp lint-free cloth to remove any sign of dust. Then, your worktop will be ready for the application of any refinishing treatment you desire.

Let’s bring back the beauty and smoothness to your kitchen worktops. A sanding and restoring treatment on time is easier, cheaper and faster than having to replace one or all of your worktops.

Don’t hesitate and reach out to our team of wooden worktops sanding and restoration experts at Coventry Floor Sanding. We promise to deliver a high quality service at affordable prices. Our reputation precedes and we believe that our customer satisfaction is the most important aspect of our business. 

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