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We tend to overlook how important the floor is in a house. Whenever someone enters a space, the first interaction with it is visual, and the floor will be the first physical contact the person will have, so it can affect how they perceive the space subconsciously. The flooring serves as the foundation to a property’s design and can easily make or break the space.

Either you are moving to a new residence or just remodelling your current one, you need to give the floor the importance it deserves. A beautiful hardwood floor can give another dimension to your home and fill you with pride. Flooring should be viewed as an investment in your domestic or commercial property, and choosing wisely is key as you want your floor to maintain its transcendent quality while withstanding constant use. 

Why is Choosing the Right Flooring Important?

Choosing the right wood floor for your property is key as not only can significantly increase the value of your property but it can also make your house easier to maintain and to keep clean. Your flooring has more impacts than you imagine and it directly impacts how you feel at home. Everyday activities such as watching a movie with the family or working in your studio can be impacted by the type of flooring you choose as your floor can affect the acoustics in the house.


Choosing a new floor is something that you’ll need to get right first time, as it is quite expensive to change your floor and not something that you should be doing every 6 months. Since we understand the important role the floor plays in your home, we are in a good place to help you decide what kind of wood floor is convenient for your property. At Coventry Floor Sanding, we are experienced in wood floor installation of different wood types, styles, and patterns, and we can fit any floor you choose: from hardwood, to laminate flooring, as well as parquet, lvt, vinyl, oak, maple, and plenty others. We are your expert and friendly local flooring installers and we promise to advice you and provide the best flooring services in Coventry and surrounding areas in the West Midlands. We guarantee a top quality service at the most affordable price.


How the Process Works

Our team of highly trained and highly qualified floor fitters possess more than 15 years of experience in the wood floor fitting industry and specialises in delivering an outstanding service. Our team of experts takes great pride in the professional service we provide as the reviews from previous customers show how trustworthy we are. All of our customers would definitely recommend us as a reliable company that works under the highest standards and delivers high quality professional wood floor care.

Before starting, you need to make sure you have finished any piper work under the subfloor as it is not easy nor cheap to remove your wood flooring to complete work that you should have done in the first place. The subfloor in the room needs to be clean, dried, levelled, and smooth as possible.

Once this is done and you have chosen the type of wooden floor you desire we will proceed with preparing the area for installation. One of the most important things about hardwood floor fitting is being able to control the humidity and to keep it under an acceptable range after the installation is done. Wood is a natural hygroscopic material which means that it can absorb and release water vapour from the surrounding air. Due to this condition, wood can expand or shrink depending on the humidity conditions, and that is why it is important to control the humidity in the room where the new wood floor will be installed.

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Then, we are ready for your hardwood floor installation. We will use the method we see as the most appropriate one. It can be nailing-down, glueing-down, or using clips. The method we choose for your floor fitting will be influenced by the type of subfloor you have. We will advise you on what we believe is the right methodology and process, and you can trust that we will have the objective of doing the best possible job. Please do not hesitate to contact our specialists.

We’ll help you create the interior look you desire and we’ll transform your home into the luxury look you desire. We will provide the top notch wood floor fitting service you’re looking for. If you need maintenance, our team of specialist are also highly trained in floor sanding and restoration. We will listen to you requirements and take everything into account before starting any flooring work.-We aim to deliver a high-quality and durable work at very competitive and affordable prices. Click here for more information about how we guarantee to supply excellent floor care in all of Coventry and the West Midlands.

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