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Coventry Floor Sanding is the premier floor care provider in Coventry and all surrounding areas. We are committed to providing our clients the best floor care for their homes and commercial properties.

We understand how precious your house is and we know how to provide outstanding service to keep your floor like brand new so you live comfortably and happily.

We specialise in fitting, sanding, restoring, repairing, and modernising all types of floors for both domestic and commercial properties. No matter the type of softwood, hardwood, laminated, parquet, or any other kind of flooring you have, we have the knowledge and tools to give your floor the best treatment there is in the market.

Our staff of highly trained professionals has decades of experience in the floor sanding and restoration industry, and we use the best tools in the market to deliver the best finish for your floors. We will be with you from to start to finish, advising and delivering the solution you need.

Allow our team of local sanders to assist you in bringing back the shine and glamour your floors deserve. We are committed to delivering the best service at the best rates you will be able to find.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment or fill out our form to request a free quote.


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Why Work With Us

Committed – At Coventry Floor Sanding we understand how important flooring is and they key role it plays in any interior design and how it can easily make or break your space. Quality flooring enhances your property’s attributes and at the same time improves your lifestyle. We believe a fresh looking floor can give your property new life and improve the way you feel about home or commercial property.

Experienced – We focus on safety and we make sure our work is always of the highest quality. Our staff is extremely experienced and skilled and strives to provide an excellent service to make sure our customers are satisfied and work sustains throughout time.

Pricing – We offer a unique combination of quality craftsmanship and affordable prices. We offer our customers a broad range of services without charging high rates or unnecessary fees.

Reputation – After working in the West Midlands for more than 15 years, we have built up a loyal customer base that constantly refers us to their family and friends. Our clients trust us and know that we can be counted on for quality, timely services whenever needed.

We are devoted to providing an excellent experience from the moment you reach out to us to the moment we leave your home or business property, and everything in between. We always use the highest quality products that will not only leave your floor looking astonishing, but will also protect it for years to come!

Our goal is to make our customers happy by being the best floor sanding and restoration company in all Coventry. If you are looking for a floor sander that will give you the best price-quality ratio, look no further, and contact us. We will evaluate your needs and suggest the best plan in a timely manner, with no hidden fees nor conditions.

We always strive to improve and deliver the best service. We also partner with providers in other industries to learn best practices, for example, we got insights into great techniques on roof painting Auckland that helps us improve our approach to floor maintenance.

Floor Care Services

Wood Floor Sanding and Restoration

Keeping your wooden floor in good condition does not mean you need to replace it. We will refresh your floor with our top quality sanding services which first will remove any scratches and any other visible signs of wear, and then will restore it and provide a new finish that will give a brand new look to your home. 

Our wood floor restoration process erases any signs of wear and tear that activities such as furniture moving, temperature changes, traffic walking across the floor, and others can cause to your show. It also makes the floor easier to keep clean, and increases the sturdiness of the floor.

Plus, don’t forget, a beautiful and well taken care floor increases the value of your property.

So let our team of highly trained professionals restore, repair, and refinish your floors. We promise you won’t regret it!

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Wood Floor Fitting

If you are looking to install a hardwood floor in your house or commercial property, we have a highly skilled and trained team that will quickly set up your new floor. Our flooring services include fitting of various wooden floors, so reach out and will assist you with whatever you need.

Wood floor installation can be very tricky and while it can be very satisfying to do it yourself, you will be better off if you trust our team of experts. There are three methods for laying wood flooring: nailing, glueing, or using an adhesive underlay, and you can rely on us to help you choose the most appropriate one and we guarantee a flawless floor fitting job.

Your floor has more impact on how you feel at home than you can imagine, and that is the main reason why it is very important to select the right kind of flooring.

Parquet Floor Sanding

Reminiscing of your beloved parquet floor look when you first installed it? Don’t worry, our professional team can restore your parquet floor to its former glory. Coventry Floor Sanding offers complete services for parquet floor restoration, including sanding, polishing, staining and sealing.

Whether there are gaps in your floor, unstable wood blocks, raised sections, stains, scratches, water damages, or any other kind of imperfection, it is possible to restore your parquet floor to is former glory by following a series of steps that we are able perform with the caring and high standards we always promise to deliver.

A well kept parquet floor can improve how you feel at home and will also increase the value of your property.

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Parquet Floor Installation

Whether you are installing a new parquet floor or removing your current one, our experts can support you during the entire process by helping you choose your preferred pattern and then fitting the parquet flooring blocks with the highest level of attention to make sure you are happy and satisfied with your new floor.

It is believed that a parquet floor is very complicated to install, but with the right knowledge and tools, our team is able to prepare your subfloor in order to have a smooth, clean, and quick installation. 

We analyse each room to understand the particularities of each environment and we deliver the solution you need for the area of your domestic or commercial property. Our parquet floor installation service guarantees your parquet flooring will be fitted perfectly leaving a smooth and even surface for you to enjoy.

Wooden Worktop Sanding

Are your wooden worktops damaged or stained? We can restore your worktops to the highest professional standard and give them a high quality finish that will make them look like new and with a fresh feeling you will love. 

There is no need to start remodelling your kitchen or replacing your worktops. Let us bring your kitchen back to life and give your home a new look. Our team of highly skilled floor sanders will leave your kitchen looking brand new.

Our team of local sanders are highly trained and prepared to restore your kitchen wooden worktops. Our care experts will go over the specific characteristics of your kitchen and will determine the most appropriate method for carrying the job. Whether it is sanding by hand or using an orbital sander, we have you covered and we will restore the beauty of your kitchen.


Areas We Serve

We are a family owned business with more than 15 years of experience in domestic and commercial floor sanding and restoration.

We are a local company based in Coventry and offering our flooring services in Coventry and surrounding areas. We can assist you across all Warwickshire: Coventry, Kenilworth, Warwick, Balsall Common, Leamington Spa, Rugby, Nuneaton, Stratford Upon Avon, and others.

Other areas we serve are: Banbury, Hinckley, Leicester, Market Harborough, Lutterworth, and plenty more.

If you don’t see your area listed here, please contact us and we will let you know if we can get to you!

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