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Parquet flooring, which is also referred to as mosaic flooring, is a kind of wood flooring made from the combination of wooden tiles in a pattern to create various geometric designs. The wooden tiles are cut in different shapes, from squares to triangles, diamonds, stars, and plenty of others shapes. These shapes are then used for creating patterns such as chevron, hexagon, herringbone, and others. There are a large number of patterns that can be created, but herringbone is one of the most popular choices.

If your floor has scratches, stains, or looks old, your initial reaction might be to replace it, but you should first contact us and we can assess the situation as, most of the times, floor sanding can restore your floor to its great shape and can leave it looking like brand new.

Professional vs. DIY Parquet Floor Sanding

Whether your have solid wood flooring, vinyl flooring, laminate flooring, or engineered wood, sanding it is not an easy task, especially for people that are doing it for the first time. It is not enough with hiring the best tool we find online or in a store. Floor sanding is a job that requires some specific skills and technique, and while it can be done by yourself, it is better to reach out to a team of professional floor sanders that have the right knowledge and tools. 

When starting a floor sanding and restoration project, we need to define what needs to be done. This includes things such as removing old finishes, fixing uneven sections, and filling gaps. All of this is needed in order to be able to refinish your floor and leave it brand new so you are happy and can enjoy your perfect flooring.

We then need to identify the wood grain direction of the floor. By grain direction, we are talking about the longitudinal arrangement of the fibres, which is the direction the tree grows. In traditional hardwood floors, we sand by following the grain of the wood as the wood planks are installed parallel to one another, but when sanding a floor we need to be more careful as the blocks are laid in different directions to create one of the patterns we mentioned before.


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Due to the special characteristics described in the prior paragraph, floor sanding includes a higher level of knowledge than hardwood floor sanding, as we need to sand in the right way. The most used and more efficient way of sanding is to sand straight. First, straight along the length of the floor, and then continue sanding straight across the width. This way, any ridges left in the initial pass, will be sanded out and the floor will be left smooth and even. A floor that is not sanded the proper way can almost always be repaired, but this will come at a higher cost and will be harder than initially intended.

Floors can last for more than 15 years when properly taken care of. At Coventry Floor Sanding we are ready to help you restore the beauty of your wood floor. We are experienced floor sanders and we will give you an affordable and honest estimate of how much the project will cost and how long it will take. We will take a look at every room in your home and will find the right maintenance your home needs. We believe in honesty and transparency, and treating our customers the right way. Our prices are the most competitive all across the West Midlands. 

We will take care of everything and we will the best flooring products. We know how to work with all kinds of styles: from solid oak flooring to luxury vinyl, we always have in mind what it is best for the client and we’ll take good care of your property.  Contact us today for free advice and you can see if we are the right fit for you. If you choose us, we guarantee to supply floor care of high quality at convenient prices which will leave you feeling like you have new flooring, with amazing colours and durable materials. We are a great choice and we promise you will get the expert advice you need.

If you are looking for installation experts, don’t worry, we have local skilled floor fitters that will find the perfect match for you and we will tailor our local flooring services to ensure we find what you are looking form. We take great pride in what do. Get in touch today and let us transform your property!

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